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Sunday, April 29, 2012

First Gold for the Year

I know you know the words...

It's another Saturday Night and.....I found GOLD!!!!  BOOM BUBBA!!!
10K plated, but it is still gold! 
Rang a solid 66 on the VDI using the 4.5 Super Sniper coil on the AT Pro.
Also got $2.78 in clad for 2 hours in the dark...I hunted from 9pm till 11pm.
Surface coins just stand out like deer eyes in a headlight with my headlamp...

Happy Hunting,

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2012 Treasure totals so far

Treasure Finds for 2012
Grand Total
Dollar:                0
Half Dollar:           1
Quarter:             139
Dime:                135
Nickel:               62
Penny:               205
Coin Count:          542
Total Value:      $53.90

Way ahead of last year at this time... :)

Wednesday in the Park - Part 2

Well, I spent another Wednesday in a park chasing the elusive Silver and Gold (of which I got neither)...I did manage a 1945 Wheat, but the fertilizer got the better of it...All the coins were badly miscolored if they were more than an inch in the dirt.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Sunburns for Silver...Please Give Till It Hurts!

Man did my forearms get fried today in the sun!!!...I managed a 1964 Rosie, and a bunch of dimes, but a lot of this stuff was deep due to the soft soil at the Schools I hunted today...


Not much, but a Great Day

Went back to the local high School, and hunted for about 2 hours...I think I have cleaned all the shallow targets from here...I have been finding large square nails at this location, which tells me that others structures once stood where the school is now, or that fill dirt has been brought here from an old location...Either way, there may be Silver here deeper...Time to break out the 9x12 on the next hunt...


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Your Bringin' on the Bling Bling

Hit a School in Liverpool today and had my best day ever for bling...Mostly fake, but a few Sterlings, and even one with some CZs, but it is stamped CHINA, so I am not trusting it too much....The cross is .925 and CZ. The thin chain that went with it is also Sterling...chain has a not that I would never be able to get out without a microscope...The turtle and key are pewter, and the rest is junk..the gold and silver colored ring is tin, and the other is copper...the thick chain is unmarked and fake I think...I think it was for those baubles that you can buy and string on earings, bracelets and chains like this one...found $8.11 in clad. One nickel is a 1964 (NOT Silver)...Also found a 1956 Wheat, 1965, 66, and 2x67 Quarters.
I put the snap and piece of clasp in just to show how small of items the 4.5 Super Sniper and 5x8 DD can find...

Happy Hunting,

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

No More Monkey Business...

Went back to the High School and right off the bat, I could tell someone had been up to some Monkey Business in the Tot Lot...The Green Ape was a surface find in a sand box...I then dug my new car from 3 inches deep...A 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8...I can now get to my dig sites in Style...
I came away with $3.77 in clad...Oldest coins were a 1965 Quarter, 2 1967 Dimes, and a 1967 Memorial Cent...New Game token to add to my collection...I did not have one of this type....
I was chased to the far end of my field by a few She Hulks throwing 5 pound cannon balls and flying saucers (track & field team)...I did not want to fall under fire...

Happy Hunting