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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Best Finds of 2012

The Silver:
The Gold:
The Injuns:
The Bronze:
The Keys:
The Cars:
The Cheap Jewelry:
The Tokens:
The Buttons:
The Dangles and Tags:
The Horse Tack, Cartridges, Locks and Seals:
The Oddities:
Also was about 10 pounds of Wheaties...
Clad totals  = 1655 coins for $152.92

Happy Holidays and See you next Spring!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

More Silver with the E-Trac

Went to a park on Wednesday and found a 1925 Merc, a Sterling Catholic Cross, and a Sterling link from a chain (only 1 link), and a bit more clad...

Hit another park today and found only clad...The Gold Di is fake,and fake stone is missing...3rd nickel down looks kinda wierd???

 This might be the last day of the year for us to hunt with no snow...It is supposed to start here tonight...

Happy End of the World...Throw one back for me...See ya all tomorrow, one way or the other...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Met 2 Friends for a Saturday Park Hunt

The Park we hit was a large one, split into 2 "upper" and a "lower" section...We stuck to the upper section Saturday Afternoon...The place is loaded with pulltabs and screwcaps...I do not dig many pulltabs anymore, but them 12-40 screwcaps fool me when they get crushed and then read 11/12-43/45...Did not find much to write home about, but did manage a good deal of clad by the basketball courts.
Oldest coins: 1962, 65, 66 Memorials, 1966 Dime, 1965 Quarter (missed again)
Is that a gear or a spur in the clad scan???


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Scratch One Off The List

Went back to the trashy park that is rumored to be the old village dump...I was not finding much but clad and junk, then...that sweet clear high pitched 11-47 ping of SILVER rang in my headphones...Dug down only about 5 inches, and out pops a no date (1920D to the best my eyes can tell) Standing Liberty Quarter...This is the first of these I have dug since I started detecting in 2005...I rescanned the hole and got another 11-45 silver ping about 3 inches from where I found the SLQ...Dug down about 5 inches again, and I find a 1963D Rosie...I am now crawling slowly over this area and get 4 more 12-41 to 12-43 signals...All 1960s Memorials...All these coins were within a 1x1 foot square area...I was doing the happy dance for about 10 cannot believe this weather...I hope it holds out at least till Christmas day.
I thought the bicycle plate was cool...The other item I think is an old brass door knob plate.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Silver at the Trashy Park

Went back to the trashy park I hunted the other day...I managed to squeak out a 1964 Rosie in the same hole with a 1956 Canadian Cent, 1964D and 1968D Memorials. The Rosie was at the bottom of it all, and a pleasant surprise...I have been on a roll with the old brass locks lately...I cannot find a like lock anywhere on the Internet...I am taking it this may be another rare variety Yale & Towne lock??? Clad totals were $2.06 for a little over 2 hours hunting time.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Iron Infested Park Hunt

Got out Monday Afternoon and hunted a park that I knew was infested with Iron and Copper (plumbing pipe and fittings) trash.  The E-Trac did well on the iron, but some of the copper trash still fooled me.
Got one 1952 Wheat, and a little more clad for the collection...When I started digging the dog tags, I was afraid I might find the whole tag is my birth year...1965...Weather was so warm, I had to shed my jacket.  I hope it keeps up like this right to Christmas day...
Again missed the Silver Quarter by one year...Darn 1965s!!!
The small rivet cover was found in a tot lot and thrown in just to show how small of an item will give a good signal on the E-Trac.
I think the item with the toothed gear is part of an old electric can opener???

Happy Hunting,

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Same Lot - Same Stuff

Hit the same school lot that I hit yesterday...I have hunted this place at least 25 times with about 5 different detectors...The E-Trac still pulls out coins that were left behind by others...I love the challenge of trying to find what other machines left behind...Nothing special again today, but a fun relaxing hunt...I hope the weather holds like this for a bit longer, but I feel it is not going to last much longer.
Oldest coins were a 1966 memorial Cent, a 1967 Dime, and a 1967 Quarter...I also found one of our Bus tokens from probably about 8-10 years ago at least.