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Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday Hunt in the HEAT

Well, it poured rain here in Saturday, so when the sun was shining on Sunday, I just had to get out and do some 'tectin' with the GTI 2500... The first inch or 2 was still hard ground, but after that, the ground was moist enough...The temperature was 85, but the humidity was in the 80% range...I sweat my ^&** was out for about 3 hours, but ony about 1 hour was spent swinging the coil...the rest was spent toweling off and drinking juice in the shade...I only managed 89 cents in countable clad (I do not count foreign coins or chewed up zincs)...Burnet Park in Syracuse, NY has been pounded by probably everyone who has owned a detector in the area...Oldest coins found were 1966 and 1967...And they were at about 6" deep. Some guy came along, opened up his trunk, pulled out one of those catch and release type cage traps, opened it, and supposedly let something go...I did not see anything scurry off though...Did I just miss it, or did this guy just miss the train that delivered brains??? Guess I will never


Sunday, July 29, 2012

CZ 7a Pro taking the Scenic route

Well, the Detector started from Southampton, MA, and is now stuck in Jersey City, NJ...Why it went south to NJ instead of going to Albany and then here is beyond me...Waste of fuel in my opinion...Then we wonder why we spend so much on shipping charges...I hope it gets here by Monday,,,In any event, the Post Master General is getting a Nasty Gram from me on Monday...I may just Boycott the USPS and use UPS from now on...

Happy Hunting,

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Went out Friday Evening for a 2 hour hunt in a local park I have pounded over the past 3 years...It is a lot next to an elementary school, that gets used by the school, and also local kids, so it is constantly being filled with lost coins.  Every now and again I get surprised with a Wheat, or a silver...I even found an 1800s Indian head in here...No Silver or Injuns today...I did manage one 1943 (I think) wheat, and 2 whole sets of earrings (one missing the hook)...The large bangle is copper with fake stones all the way around.  Have no idea what the LOT 29 thing is???  A Bag seal??? The ground is returning to normal as long as we keep getting rain.
All items found with the Garrett GTI 2500 and white 9.5" Imaging and the 5x10DD coils.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fisher CZ 7a Pro - On the Way

Should be getting my CZ 7a Pro I bought off a forum member Saturday or Monday...If it lives up to what I have heard of the CZ line, it is gonna be one deep seeking coin magnet...I will give ya a report when I have used it a few times...


Oh Well...

That hour of rain did NOTHING for the ground...It sucked it up and still dry...Thursday it is supposed to rain all day (fingers crossed)...I sure hope so...Hunting is impossible with this dry ground, and the humidity just zaps your energy fast.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finally...Some Rain

Well, it rained good here for about an hour, so hopefully the ground is wet enough to hunt...We shall see

Happy hunting and stay safe and hydrated out there!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Coil for the GTI 2500

Just picked up a 5x10 DD coil for the 2500...It is non imaging, but very good in the trash.  It has been near impossible to hunt here due to the dry ground.  We have not had a good rain in almost a month now...We need it badly...The Ground is like concrete in some places, and powder in others...I went out on Saturday for about 2 hours and only found 35 cents and a game token, along with about 8 pulltabs and a rusty washer.
Cannot give the new coil a real assesment, because I was unable to locate many targets in this dry ground.

Happy Hunting and stay Hydrated,

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2nd outting with the GTI 2500

Me and a local friend headed South about an hour on the highway to meet up with another hunter for a day trip...We started out in a town park...The ground was dry as talcum powder, and it was hard to find good signals deep...Noone turned up any Silver today, and I think it was due to the lack of moisture in the dirt...We need a good downpour desperately...It is going on 3 weeks with little to no rain and temps in the high 80s and low 90s...This is unusual for NY this time of year...This weather usually only comes along for a few weeks in August.
We hunted the park for about 2 hours, then went to the home of friend number 3 to hunt his yard...His house is OLD, and has a LOT of history....I was highly surprised that he had found silver and a large cent in his yard with a Bounty Hunter Tracker II...That is right...I said II...It actually has more controls and tones than the newer Tracker IV...I was impressed...I with my GTI 2500 and 12" coil and my local buddy with his XLT and 950 coil could not turn up one silver in either local...I did manage a handfull of clad, and a cool copper cowboy boot pendant (might be a winchchime weight)...The lump of coal was thrown in the picture, just because it tricked me into digging it up...YES it DOES make the detecor sound off...


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First Hunt with the GTI 2500

Had a great hunt with the 2500 on Saturday Afternoon...It was a hot one, but I braved 2 hours to hunt a field I have hit many times with the old QXT Pro and the AT Pro...I was surprised at how deep the GTI 2500 found coins...The ground was like concrete and I was digging 6-8 inches and finding clad.
One hole was very wierd..I found 6 wheats and a copper button on top of a square nail...Signal rang like a dime because of all the targets...I got to 8 inches with the opening of my hole only being 3 inches across, and I gave up...The ground was just too hard...I pulled the 6 coins, the button, and the nail, and called it quits and filled in the hole and marked it with a large rock...Hopefully I can go back and find more coins in the hole after it rains some...Here is my take for the maiden hunt...

Happy Huntingand stay Hydrated out there,

What I got on Friday Evening

Minus the 2 box coil that is...