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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Trying new Settings on the e-Trac

I opened quickmask and moved the cursor to the right until I saw 6, and then up until I saw 32. This gave me a mostly open screen, only eliminating iron and foil trash. it works well in spots where there is not a lot of junk, but you know there may be coins among iron, bottle caps, or screw-caps. The park I was at is one of these parks. I encountered spots where there was a LOT of ear candy, but mostly the hunt was quiet. I have the machine set up so that it will scream on anything above a penny (really high pitched). It stops you in your tracks, and that is exactly what I want. Here was the days haul...1 Merc dime (1935), 3 wheats (1916, 42D, 53D) and $3.62 in change. a warm enjoyable day. First time I could wear shorts this year.

Happy Hunting,

P.S. Already got poison oak...Also the ticks are nasty up here this year...stay safe.