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Saturday, April 5, 2014

First hunt of the year scores Big GOLD!!!

My Buddy Kevin came back from his work in Alaska and we hit a local park on Wednesday where we have had some luck with the silvers last year. Dug a bunch of nickels, then hit a 9-39 signal that bounced around a lot, but the display said it was 5-6", so I decided to dig just for grins...Well, when I saw gold in the hole, I was grinning alright...From Ear to Ear. It was a 16 gram 10 KARAT solid High School class ring from 1970. 44 years old and it looks like it was dropped yesterday...Gotta love real gold!. I am on the hunt to find the owner...All I know is that he attended High School in NJ and went to Syracuse University. High School is hunting down a current address and phone number. I also found over $3 in clad with the oldest coins being 1945D wheatie and a 1951 nickel.
Funny thing is I did not notice the machine ws in Muti "Ferrous" mode until after I found most of this...I knew something was wrong with the tones, but it did not register in my brain right
Perhaps I should hunt in this mode more often???

Happy Hunting,