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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Still Kicking & New Friend

I have been out hunting for the past number of weeks. Have not found anything worth posting. Looking for new spots and new hunting partners. Found a gentleman who lives in Clay and we have been out twice. Nice guy and retired, so as free as I am. Here are some pics of the area we went to last weekend... Wonderful scenery. old place, but no Silver to be found.

Cemetery founded in 1809. Has War of 1812, Revolutionary, and Civil War Soldiers
Ed in full swing

Happy Hunting,


  1. Hey im a novice detectorist in Lafayette but go all around syracuse. I go everyday i can and have had great luck lately. Im big on making everything as nice as when i showed up. I mainly do public parks and woods. Im looking for a small group to go detecting with whenever possible

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