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Friday, December 26, 2014

Rare Hunt in December

Well, I thought I struck it rich today when the chain came out of the ground.  It was laid out in a long line, just under the grass roots and took about 10 minutes of careful digging to extract it without breaking it.  I did not take the time to examine it as there were a few people looking on, so in the pocket it went right away. The 3 wheats were all from about 6 inches deep. When I got home, the chain read "Guyay (I think) F 18K...I laughed as I looked at the links with a jewelers loop, and saw the flaking...I called it "Gay Fake 18K"...I was kinda bummed, as it weighs in at 15 grams. Would have been a good chunk of change if it was real...Oh well, at least I know I can find these chains...It was a one way signal reading between 12-08 and 13-07 at 2 inches. I will usually dig anything that shows a 12-08, as this IS where most of my gold has shown up...Lower than 12-08 is usually foil, and 12-10 thru 12-35 is usually junk...12-37-12-39 is where my Injuns show up when I find em...


Friday, December 12, 2014

Goodbye 2014 Season

Well, a huge storm hit us and dumped a foot or more of snow on us here in Syracuse. Looked very pretty, but not conducive to detecting. I think our season has come to an abrupt halt. Time to take the batteries out of the equipment and start dreaming and researching for next Spring...It has been a good year all in all.  My Gold totals were great. My Silver totals were down, but I found a few firsts this year as well.  I really enjoyed the water detecting, and have to consider getting my own water machine.

Until Springtime,

Sunday, November 23, 2014

It was a Gorgeous Day today, so me and my buddy Kevin hit a city park where we have found 1800s coins in the past. Today I got an OLD gold Guilded Cuf Link, 2 Indian Heads (1875 and 1900), a few Wheats, a token, a old ring, and 25 Cents short of a full roll of nickels...
I spied the nickel wrapper on the ground and started scanning...Sure enough...someone lost a roll...It was a great day for detecting.

Happy Hunting,

Monday, November 17, 2014

Went to a City Park Sunday afternoon and hunted till after dark...This park is one of the largest in Syracuse, NY and overlooks the city with great views of Downtown and the Syracuse University area.. Did not do too well today. Only 1 Silver, 1 Wheat, $1.41 in clad, and about 5 lbs of junk (lots of large iron).
Here are my finds and a few pics of the views. The valve handle is from an old water fountain I think, and the round knurled object was a radio dial knob I think...It is copper and bottom is just full of rusty junk. The fist night picture is looking towards the MONEY Tower and the Second is looking towards the Carrier Dome..

Happy Hunting and stay warm out there if you live up here in the North,

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Totals as of...

Clad Totals as of Nov. 15, 2014: 524 coins for $46.56

1x Barber Quarter, 3x WashQuater, 5xMercs, 6xRosies, 1 V Nickel, 4 Buffalo Nickels
3x Gold Rings, 2x Silver Ring

A Little low this year for coins, but gold was OK...


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lonely Park Hunt

I was solo today, as my friend Kevin was on a road trip. Hit a local park that has given up some silvers in the past. Today was no different. Only one Silver (1946 Rosie), and 2 Wheats (Both 1946).
Tons of Copper and Iron trash in this place...You really have to crawl through it to find anything...Site used to be the village dump I think.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday in the Park (2014)

Chicago - Saturday In The Park (1973)

Not too bad today from a City Park...
1943 Washington Quarter
1954 Rosie
1930, 56, and 58 Wheats
1966 Quarters, 1964 Nickel and 1966 Lincolns
Copper ring (not shown)