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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hunting this late in January...PRICELESS

Well, the temps were warm, but the wind was nasty...I headed out for an hour anyways...the ground was calling my name...This is the take for one hour from a local Elementary School Tot Lot.

Happy Hunting,

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pratts Falls County Park

For anyone planning a detecting trip here...Save your time and energy and DO NOT hunt the woods in the front of the park...One Large Cent, a flat button and a colonial shoe buckle were found here with 3 hunters searching for about 2 hours...Go farther back into the park towards the falls and where the mills once were...I found 1 memorial cent, 5 .22 casings, and a 30-06 casing...First skunk in a long time...I plan on returning here in the Spring and hunting by the falls, and also in the creeks there...

Happy Hunting,

Sunday, January 8, 2012

4 Hour Saturday Winter Hunt

Temperature hit 45 degrees again here in Central, NY...I had to get out and feed the fever...Hit a School that was built in 1918...Properties around the school are older than that...I have pounded the school yard to death, so I hit the grass strips between the roads and the sidewalk around the school...MAN!!!  I could not move a foot without getting a target...I knelt and dug until I was so sore, I could not take it anymore...The Coleman's ( a local Irish Pub) token almost gave me a heart attack...Then my common sense kicked in and I knew it was not a gold  It weighs 26.3 grams.
Take for the day was 71 coins...9 Q, 18 D, 17 N, 27 P...$5.17
I do not count Foreign Coins or the toasted zincs in my totals. I also found a Master lock, a Heart
Shaped Key, and some Doggy Bling (pewter), and a fake Earring...A great days hunting...

Happy Hunting,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Hunt of 2012

Happy New Year ALL!!!

Well, the temps were in the high 40s here in Central NY, so we just had to go out hunting...A buddy of mine picked me up, and we first hit a local school that I had not been to...Fields were a mud pit...wet, soggy, and full of iron trash...We then went to a good sized park down the road a bit...again, wet, but a bit more coin and less trash, but mostly pennies and zincs...We were going to hit an old soccer fields, but it was fenced off and posted...I have no idea why...My take was meager, but it was a fun day anyways and a good hunt for this time of the season here...Also I thought I ate Cherios for breakfast, but I found a Lucky Charm (NOT Silver) coin: 1960D memorial cent