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Monday, August 27, 2012

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Monday, August 20, 2012

BAck out to the same field as yesterday, but no good finds

This is all I managed, along with a green toasty 1919 wheat that I did not scan.



Sunday, August 19, 2012

I thought I had Silver...???

I thought I had a silver quarter...My eyesight is not what it used to be, and I misread the 1967 for a 1962...Oh well..I was too much today, but a relaxing hunt.
I did manage a 1911 Wheatie...YEAH TOAST!!!  There is also a 1969 S in there...if that was mint, it would be worth like 125 grand...too bad!
It was not hot and humid like it has been for over a month now...
This was for a 2 hour hunt on Saturday in the same pounded field I have been re-hitting for the past month with the Fisher CZ 7a Pro...I am not even a quarter through it yet. I have only done about 50x50 yards out of 250x50 yards.



Sunday, August 12, 2012

Silver was worth the Blisters

Went out for about 2 hours this afternoon to the same Elementary School lot I hit last hunt...Pickins were slim, ground was dry, and blisters were many, as I left my gloves at home.
I did manage a 1959D Silver Quarter in great shape though...Dug it from about 9 inches.  The token was at 6" and the little pistol was at 8 inches...It is a gold color on the plating, and is stamped China 920???  It is a mini cap gun key chain fob (broken).
Next oldest coin was a 1960 Lincoln cent. All found with the Fisher CZ 7a Pro and 8" coil.


Friday, August 10, 2012

1 Hour Monday Afternoon Hunt

Went out after the rains and hit a local elementary school's field...I have hit this field in the past, but had only found 1 coin of interest (A 1990 Half Dollar)...Did not find much today either, but the nickel count was high...
I found a toasty 1941 wheat at 8 inches, and also a 1966 Lincoln and 2 1969s...Had to cut hunt short, as the deer flies and the rain both were gonna get me...
Deer flies are nasty critters...ouch!
I doused myself with 40% DEET spray, and they still were getting me through my socks!

Happy Hunting,

Finally...Some Rain!!!

Got a good soaking Thursday night...May continue through the weekend...We really need a few days of rain, and then some cool weather...let's get back in the game NY...


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What Bling??? - Monday Afternoon

Well, it was cooler today than it has been in weeks...Temp was 78, but humidity was still high...It had rained for about 15 minutes Sunday, but the ground sucked it right up, and then went dry again...First inch of ground was like concrete, then after that, it is powder...Hard to dig 8" and 10" targets...I went back to the field where I found the mercs last week with the CZ 7a Pro, but no such luck today.  Was digging mostly clad and junk...I was hoping for deep silver, or maybe a ring surprise...Well, I got a surprise alright...The ring is FAKE, but that stone had me going at does matter! I found one wheat (1940), a 1941 nickel, and 1961, 62D, and 66 lincolns.  This is in a field that I have hunted with about 8 different machines over the last 7 years....Clad count came to 19 countable coins (I do not count Silver, Wheats, Foreign, or chewed Zinc coins) for $2.25...

 Some folks ask how much trash I dig in search of rings...

Is that enough for ya?

Happy Huntin'!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

First Short Hunt with the Fisher CZ 7a Pro

If I could have sex with this detector, I just might...I am in LOVE already with this machine...It is DEEP, ACCURATE, and  DEEP!!! ... Did I say DEEP???
First hole had a foil ball that read as a nickle at 4" (OK...I got fooled) Second hole!!! 2 mercs (1941, 1945) at 8"...Third hole held the wheat (1941), and was about 4 inches away from hole 2...
After was all clad...Did get a 1962 nickel in there....Also found this Chineese made car, and the 2 junk items...This was for about 1 1/4 hours in a field I have hit more than any other in my area...Ground is still hard here...That is why I nicked the 1941 Merc...hard digging at 8"...


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fisher CZ 7a Pro Finally Arrives

Well, after a short delay, the Fisher finally arrived.  I knew it would not be pristine, seeing as it was manufactured in 2000. The first thing I did was to open up the box and inspect the electronics...All looked good with the boards...In Fact, they look as if they may have been replaced recently.  Sand had made it's way inside the box somehow, and also. the silicon which seals the box had begun to dry out and peel...Some had gotten in between the LCD screen and the faceplate.  I cleaned it all out, and re-sealed the box with new silicon sealer...I cleaned the outside of the box, the rods, and coated all brass and iron pieces with Anti-Oxidant coating to prevent any further corrosion. I then took some fine emmery cloth to the lower rod and made it "white" again...This took out the scratches and marring on the rod...I also took the coil cover off the 8" coil and it was full of black colored sand...No wonder the machine was giving false signals on my air tests)...Detector looks good now, and works flawlessly as far as I can tell...I will post my first finds as soon as it cools off enough to get out and hunt.