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Monday, October 31, 2011

8.5"x11" DD coil going back to Garrett

Well, the 8.5"x11" DD coil for my AT Pro will be headed back to Garrett in Garland, TX for a replacement...They are shipping me a new coil, plus a pre-paid shipping label to send the defective one back to them...
NOW THAT is Customer Service!!!

Thanks Garrett!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Short Sunday Hunt

The sun was shining, but the air was chilly...I hit a local park that has not had a lot of activity in the last 5 or 6 is secluded behind a High School and down in a gully of sorts...I have hunted this in years past, but not for a year or so...not much to talk about, but did pull a few older coins...
1961 and 1964 Nickels...1961, 1964, and 1968 cents.
I have to send my DD coil back to Kellyco or Garrett (whichever will take it)...It has a short in it, and causes the detector to go nutso...


Whoop!!! A Double Header!!!

Well, a Friend and I started the Saturday off at about noon, and decided to do this strip of grass between 2 streets...Well, let me tell ya it was a total trash pit with soda cans, pull tabs, screw caps, iron, and general metal trash...Did pull a few clad coins from here...Well, when we got through with that, we ended up at a school that was built in 1918...The lot next to it has history before this time (back to mid 1800s). A house once stood in the lot and was tore down in the mid 1900s after catching fire...There is a lot of iron trash, pull tabs and screw caps, and can slaw from carnivals this school has held over the years to raise money, but the AT Pro sifts through it well (If you do not mind listening to endless chatter in your ears in Pro modes)...I have hit this field many times with my past detectors, and know I walked right over the Indian Head cent countless times and NEVER dug it because it came up as a high end pull tab reading (VDI 62-65)...It was at 5 inches...The Washington Silver Quarter (VDI Solid 91) was at 6 inches about 10 feet away from the Injun...This find would have eluded most detectors, because it was surrounded by pull tabs...The AT Pro just happened to pull it out...
Finished at about 6pm.

1859 Indian Head Variety 1 (No Shield) (Red book $15)...1945 Washington Silver Quarter (Red book $4.00)

1960 and 1963 Nickels, 1964 Copper cent, 1968 Dime (oldest coins)

Interesting Items (coin looking thing is a "Glad Your Here 2000" Token...All I can get off it) Anyone know what that big circle item is?


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No Rings today but...

Lots of nickels...I tell ya if there was gold in the fields I hunt...I KNOW I would be finding it...I call my AT Pro a Nickel
This is for about 2 hours of hunting
I sure do find a lot of Canadian coins around here.
Earring is a lia Sophia (junk)


Sunday, October 23, 2011

3 Hour Woods Hunt

Went to a park nearby that is a large wooded area...Large cents had been found here earlier in the year...Not so lucky today...Myself and 3 other hunters hit the woods today...
Detectors used were an e-Trak, AT Pro, Ace 250, and an unmodified White's IDX Pro...
If I heard right, we all found Wheaties, but no one found any silver...
My finds for the morning were 3 Wheaties (1927, 1944, 1946) 2 Canadian Cents (1962, 1986) and a 1965 and 1976 Quarters and a 1966 Dime (I always miss Silver by this much) :banghead:
Found 21 Coins totalling $2.25, a junk copper and amethyst ring that may have been plated, and a large slab of melted lead...
So Far the AT Pro has found a ring every time out...


2 Hour Hunt in a Pounded School Yard

Went out Saturday Afternoon to a school I have pounded with the other machines I have owned...Was totally surprised at the number of nickels I left behind...The AT Pro is a nickel hound...The ring WAS a gold plated Claddagh ring (copper base) rang in at 85-87 VDI (thought it was a quarter)...The peace thing and the circle next to it, are parts of another ring I think, or a shirt cuff button perhaps...I am still amazed at just what the AT Pro can pull out from among a ton of pulltabs and screwcaps...School Carnivals were held in this field in years past...Trash shown is actual trash dug in 2 hours...not much huh??? I dig some trash signals just to get a feel for the field...
I also received my Pro Pointer today..LOVE IT!!!!...But my headphone adapter was DOA and has to go back to Kellyco for an exchange on Monday...Too bad...was looking forward to using my wireless headphones again...
BTW..with only 2 pins on the Headphone jack, is the AT Pro audio Stereo or Mono???


Friday, October 21, 2011

AT Pro Takes a Bite Out Of Crime

I went out with the intention of hunting a school yard lot, but 15 minutes into my hunt I was approached by an older gentleman whom I had seen before at another park down the road from where I was...He asked if I might be able to locate brass with the detector and I told him "You Bet...I can find most any metal". Well, He goes on to explain that a drug deal went bad in the other park by where he lives and that one young guy pulled a pistol and started shooting at the guy in the car who was buying...The specifics were none of my concern though...At first I was all in on this, because I am all for locking up ignorant Morons who would fire a weapon in city limits while standing in a kiddie park selling dope...But then my common sense kicked in, and I decided to call 911 to have a squad car on hand while I searched for the spent brass...A car arrived, and I explained what I was up to and told the Officer that The shooting happened in late May, and by now this brass might be 2-4 inches deep with all the rain and foot traffic in the area...I got to detecting and got a shallow 2" 52 VDI...I dug up a spent .22 cal round...I scanned it a few more times to get a feel for the VDI range, then concentrated on just that range...I got conflicting stories from 8 different witnesses to the shooting...5 out of 8 claimed only 4 shots were fired. I found all 4 rounds and turned them over to the Police Officer...He thanked me and the guy who originally approached me, and I told him that if he ever needed an experienced hunter in the future to find any lost metal item, to not hesitate to give me a call...Hopefully they can catch this scumbag and put him away for at least the mandatory 7 years...I was reading where they passed a law that if you commit a shooting crime around a school, playground, or any other area children gather, or if your caught dealing drugs to minors, that it is at least 7 years WITHOUT parole or early release....'BOUT TIME!!!

Oh!!! My measly finds for 15 minutes of hunting...Took 2 hours to find all 4 shells though.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New rechargeables

Got some "Powerex" 2700mAH 1.2V NiMH


Short Hunt before the rains

Went out and hit a local school field that has continually produced clad, rings, and other baubles
Did not get in much time (35minutes) before the rain came...Just after I packed up and started home, the rain stops. I was too lazy to go back...It was getting dark anyways, and the sky looked angry.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

3 hour hunt with a friend

Went to some local Athletic fields were I usually find plenty of clad and the occasional ring or silver coin...My friend found a junk spinner ring and about the same amount of clad as I...I found only clad...39 coins for $3.13 ...
This field is loaded with foil items from the concessions they sell during games.
Oldest coins: 1961 Memorial, 1964 Nickel, 1965 Dime
Also found a suspender clip...not sure of age.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Air testing the AT Pro

A little video air testing the AT Pro...Remember in the house, you cannot ground balance, and the depth in the dirt will be greater than the air...Sensitivity was set at 4 out of 8 bars...


Friday, October 14, 2011

AT Pro Finds so far

Yay!!! Started a Blog!

Well, after much procrastination, I have started my own metal detecting blog.
I hope you will all enjoy viewing my finds, and hearing my pearls of wisdom/