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Friday, November 30, 2012

Nothing Special, but a great day for a hunt

Thursday Afternoon hunt for about 2 hours in a lot I have hit many times...I like the challenge of seeing what I can find in places I have hit again and again...It was 2 wheats ('55, '56) and buffalo nickel (1926), and the junkiest jewelry you can dig...nickel plated plastic...YUK!!!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

The End is Nigh!!!

It is that time of year again when the evil white crystals fall from the heavens and the ground grows hard...The detecting season is coming to a quick end my friends...Overall it has been a good year...I switched up detectors 4 times this year...From a Garrett AT Pro to a Garrett GTI 2500 to a Fisher CZ 7a Pro to a Minelab E-TRAC...All were good machines, but I only have the E-TRAC and the CZ now, and the CZ may be going next.  The Summer was brutal with high temperatures and humidity levels, but the mild Fall more than made up for it...I think Winter is going to be a real bear this year though...I will continue to hunt when I can, but I do not trust laying the E-Trac down in the snow so much...Here are my totals for the year...

Gold - Not much to speak of...Some plated chains and that is about it...


 Current Melt Value is aproximately:  $45

Clad count:

Pennies:           540
Nickels:           199
Dimes:             399
Quarters:          320
Halves:                 1
Dollars:                1

Total coins:     1460  for  $136.75

Happy Hunting,

Monday, November 19, 2012

Took a Road Trip

Took a Road Trip to Tully, NY to hunt a park down there...The place was barren of coins I tell ya...You could walk 50 yards between signals...We did not stay long, and went farther on into Ithaca, NY to hunt a park on the lake there...My Friend Kevin pulled a Barber Dime. 2 Years Earlier, and he would have had Seated..I only managed a small speck of .925 with turquoise. The brass ring is a tack maybe...Found in the woods.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Great Saturday for a Hunt

Temps were great, and I even had to shed a layer to keep cool...Closest I came to silver was a 1965 Quarter...Did manage a 1941 Wheat, a cool Pendant from Ontario, and a spinner thingy from Las Vegas...
Some of this was found in the Woods, some in a Park...Best find of the day was a $10 bill I eyeballed in the park...


Clad totals Since 11-17-12

Pennies   -  519
Nickels   -  198
Dimes     -  381
Quarters  -  314
Halves     -  1
Dollars    -  1

1414 Coins for $133.19

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Interesting Finds Back on the Hill in the Woods

Started the day off Wednesday, at my pounded out Wood's Field ball parks (Been hunting it since 2005). I still manage to pull out a few surprises from time to time. I snagged me a 1971 Ike Dollar (My 2nd Dollar ever), and a few clad.  My Buddy called me up and wanted to go back to our Hill in the Woods. With all the Silver pulled out of there, who was I to say no...I hit one hole that kept giving up Wheaties (13 total...1911, 16, 18, 20, 23, 24x2, 25, 27, 28, 42, 56, 57), and a 1926 Buffalo nickle. I think some child buried his treasure back in the late 50s. The strangest find was the Greek Dekadrachm of Syrakusa coin...Now if this was real, it would be circa 400 BC, but the date reads 1897...I live near Syracuse University in NY, and think this was some sort of token or maybe paperweight??? It appears to be made of cast pot metal...


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I hit a large field and 2 tot lots at Stonehenge Elementary School in Camillus, NY today.  I know there is a local hunter who hits this field...I have seen him there before, but when he sees me, he takes off for some reason...I even used my Old Spice in case I saw him today...I did not want to scare him away, he was not there. I found 2 wheats (1941D and 1957), a ring that looks to have been nickel plated copper, inlaid with turquoise...It appears to be hand done...The E-trac sure hits hard on dimes and Copper Pennies...I was impressed that it found the 2 tiny charms in the tot lot bark chips...They are not silver, but still cool.  Again I ask how 9mm bullets get in the bark of a tot lot, unless the tree the chips were made from was hit by a bullet out in the woods?


Sunday, November 4, 2012

The finds on the Hill are getting too few

It is getting hard to find a good signal on the Hill...Kevin has found all the Good Silvers me thinks...Might be a few left, but it is going to be hard work to find them...We have covered just about every square inch of the place and it is getting to be too much like work to find a Silver or even a Wheat...Today Kevin found a few good targets and I found a 1905 IH Cent, a 1959 Rosie, a 1941 Wheat, 2 1946 Wheats, a few clad coins, 2 pocket knives (the large one by Craftsman, and the small one says Boys Life, The Boy Scouts Magazine), a tag from a Yellow Pinocchio Rose Bush (says it was Illegal to Asexually reproduce it without a license...hmmmm...), a cap from when car tires had inner tubes, a key of some sort, and a zipper pull that fooled me into thinking it might be silver because it rang in like a dime and loud at 5 found a bell from an old telephone I think. The gold plated pretzel is what I believe to be a Lover's Knot...Not sure what K, but it IS gold plated copper wire.