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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday in the Park

Had to get out while the temperature was back up to short sleeve degrees...Hit my pounded park and raked out a bit more...
It is getting to the point that I can make 3 passes and not find a signal (but trash)...Well, at least I know all the targets will be good for
after the fair this year...I plan to be there right when the last truck leaves, so don't plan on jumpin' my claim...You get dirty looks and handfull of


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Replacing the Dollar Bill with the Dollar Coin

As a Detectorist, the Dollar coin would mean more finds for us...But do we really want to carry around these things in our pockets???  What about vending machines???  Every vending machine in the USA would have to be reworked to accept these coins...
What do YOU think???  Comment below and join my Blog...

Happy Hunting,

Friday, March 23, 2012

2nd Silver for the year

Went out again for a little night hunt to local High School..The Clad is plentiful here, and every now and again, I get surprised by Silver and Gold...Last night it was Silver...Nothing big, but it is still .925...Also Found a Rumours stainless steel pendant type watch, and $3.28 in clad for a 2 hour hunt in the dark...This time I remembered my clip on light...Ring rings up solid 76 on VDI all day long...

Quarters:    77
Dimes:       81
Nickels:     45
Pennies:   121
total coins:  324  for $30.81  2 Silver rings


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Night Hunt of the Year

Went out after dark, back to the High School...Got all the way there to learn I left BOTH my headlamps at home...DOH...NO MERIT BADGE FOR YOU!!!...I had to stay near the lights so I could see my screen...I eventually just put the machine in Pro Coins and dug only good high tones (Cherry Picking)...The LED on the Pro Pointer came in handy, but wish they would have used the BRIGHT blue/white LEDS...I did manage over a buck for an hour and what I think is a candle holder part???  Any Ideas?


Monday, March 19, 2012

Hot Weather and Hot Field

Hit my local High School on Sunday 03-18-12 and met up with a fellow hunter I had not seen before From Liverpool, NY...We chatted for a long while, but then he left and I had full command of the fields...I hunted a small 30x50 yard section of Soccer/Track & Field field with both AT Pro DD coils and pulled a good amount of clad, as well as a 1943 steel cent and a 1952 wheat...I also got an older English made toy Ambulance. The bottom reads Lomas Ambulance - Made in England...

Happy Hunting,

Saturday, March 17, 2012

OK...Is this a joke?

Did you hunters back in the 60s and 70s put these play coins where you found good stuff, just to annoy us hunters today???  Well it is working...This is the second one in a week...Stop it already...
No Pot O' Gold today, but a little clad...This from an area with history back to 1880s...Hmmm...


Friday, March 16, 2012

If only it were real...

Hit "my never ending Juicebox"...a open lot I have hunted extensively over the last 2 years...Call me nuts, but I like the challenge...
I hit a signal that rang up 95 on the 9x12 AT Pro coil at 6 inches, and I am thinking...OH YEAH BABY!!!
I dug my flap, and saw the glint of shiny at the bottom of the hole...My heart started to pound as I saw the "roundness" (Oh my God I am quoting them)...
I reached in and pulled out what was as big as a Silver dollar, but THIS is all I tin...

I think it came off a snuff can...a Promo maybe???

Happy Hunting,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Trying out my new coils

I started out with the 5x8 DD on the AT Pro today, and I think I am in LOVE!!  I thought the 8.5x11 was the shiz, but the little brother is the Bomb....He was raking coin after coin out of areas I have pounded with other machines...I was back in my athletic field I have hunted since 2005...Just when you think it is empty...SURPRISE!!!...I must have raked in 2 bucks in clad in an hour...not bad for a place that is supposed to be hunted out...I then switched to the 9x12 Concentric...This thing is a bear to swing...I thought the AT Pro was front heavy before...Let me tell ya man, you ain't seen heavy till you throw this monster on the rod....I could only handle about an hour with it, then my arm was cramping....I raked in another buck or so with it...I never imagined a clad dime sinking to 9 inches....I then switched to the 4.5 sniper...What a little gem of a coil...right up to metal poles, and right under metal fences...It was the ONLY coil I could turn the SENS up all the way and it stayed quiet...I was hitting 6 inch dimes with it easily...I could not get in the tot lot today, as the kiddies took it over from me...I was stuck to the open fields...It was a great sunny 62 at 1:30pm EDT in Central NY...I actually got sunburn on the back of my neck...
I did manage a 1956 Wheat, a few Canadian coins, 2 1966 Dimes and a 1966 Quarter as well...I also found a small junk toe ring...I think the electronic device is the switch for the lights in sneakers, according to the patent numbers....


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wednesday in the Sun!

The sun was shining, the temperature got up to 65, and I was out hunting...Spent 3 hours in my pounded out athletic field I have been hunting since 2005.  It still surprises me every time I go there...NOWHERE is EVER hunted out!
1964 Nickel, 1965 Quarter, 1966 Dime...
I also got the rest of the coils for the AT Pro, so now I have the full set of 5...


Sunday, March 4, 2012

I must be absolutely nuts!!!

The temperature was 31 degrees...The winds were mild, and out the door we went to a park with history back to the Revolutionary War...Troops had marched thru this area, and a grist mill was located on the creek there at one time...There just had to be good finds there right??  WRONG!!!  The place was a trashpit...LOADED with pull tabs, screw caps, cans, foil, and every other junk target you can imagine...This is what happens when historic sites are turned into picnic groves and city parks...I did manage a 1938 wheat, and some clad before the snow started to fly...It was a near whiteout for about an hour...The ground became a Bloody Muddy Mess, as well as the detector, my gloves, and anything I touched...I sure am glad I had the AT Pro...I brought the detector home and through it in the tub and hit it with the sprayer to clean it off...I had to wash everything I used...It was caked in mud...Well, I guess it was better than a day of work...We were out for about 3 hours, and this is all I found...