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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wednesday at the Lake nets 14K GOLD BABY!!!

Went to the Lake with my friend Kevin and borrowed his a 65 solid hit and I thought I would be getting a pulltab or screwcap, but up pops this!!!

The second picture is on top of a quarter for size comparison... 8.3 grams of 14K...
Also found was a lot of pulltabs and bottlecaps and shotgun shells...A Little Clad...

Happy Hunting,

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Late Season Water Hunt

Was in the drink for 6 hours straight with my buddies CTX 3030 yesterday on Oneida Lake...Watch (Citizen) works, but needs a new battery...Ring might have been silver plated at one time....Rest of Jewelry is junk..22 round is unfired
Water is warmer than the air right now...


Monday, May 19, 2014

The Home team brings home Gold...14K Gold!

Met up with BanditIcey (Eva) and her Husband Brian from Rochester/Buffalo area of NY and we hit some of our local spots around Syracuse. First spot we hit was on a River and used to have a horse track and carnival back in the mid 1800s till the Depression era. Well, it may have been old, but it had been filled multiple times and no goodies for us. We moved to a park across the river and tried again...Still no joy, so we broke for lunch and then headed back to the city to hunt our "Home Away From Home" on the big hill...The first target I got read 13-12, 15-13, 13-18....It was 6 inches deep...I debated to dig or not to dig, but it was over 4", so I must dig...I am sure glad I did. I saw the sweet glint of Gold in the bottom of the whole and pulled out the nice 14K Wedding band....I was stoked for the rest of the afternoon. I think the car parts are a valve stem cap and a old starter pedal (floor starter you stepped on)...What they were doing on a steep hill is beyond my comprehension. The only coins found were clad for us all...I am sorry I could not get them Silver, but I think e all enjoyed a nice sunny day out in the parks....

Happy Hunting,

Saturday, April 5, 2014

First hunt of the year scores Big GOLD!!!

My Buddy Kevin came back from his work in Alaska and we hit a local park on Wednesday where we have had some luck with the silvers last year. Dug a bunch of nickels, then hit a 9-39 signal that bounced around a lot, but the display said it was 5-6", so I decided to dig just for grins...Well, when I saw gold in the hole, I was grinning alright...From Ear to Ear. It was a 16 gram 10 KARAT solid High School class ring from 1970. 44 years old and it looks like it was dropped yesterday...Gotta love real gold!. I am on the hunt to find the owner...All I know is that he attended High School in NJ and went to Syracuse University. High School is hunting down a current address and phone number. I also found over $3 in clad with the oldest coins being 1945D wheatie and a 1951 nickel.
Funny thing is I did not notice the machine ws in Muti "Ferrous" mode until after I found most of this...I knew something was wrong with the tones, but it did not register in my brain right
Perhaps I should hunt in this mode more often???

Happy Hunting,