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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Record High Temps for this date

Met a new friend and fellow hunter for a few hours hunt in a field I know has plenty of clad and the occasional ring or Silver coin...No rings and no silver today, ground was like concrete...Luckily I had my Sampson shovel with me, otherwise it would have been a really short hunt trying to dig with the LESCHE only...I am amazed at the 6" EQ2 and the depth it can achieve. I was running at 25 Auto Sensitivity, and got a 6" dime and 2 8" quarters...really nice to hunt a trashy field with little nulling...The stock coil would have been nulling constantly.
Weather was a record 64 degrees today...Just HAD to get out.

Happy Hunting,

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Clad totals for 2013 already...

2013 Clad Totals as of January 31:

Dollars:     =  0
Halves:      =  0
Quarters:   = 25
Dimes:      =  74
Nickels:     = 31
Pennies:    =  36

Totals:   166 coins for $15.56

Not a bad start for the year!!!

Happy Hunting,

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday at the Onondaga Historical Society Research Room

Well, I tried to get the whole gang together for some research, but only 3 showed up...We had a great time looking at old pictures of sites, reading old news articles, and looking at maps...The place has so much to offer...I might get a yearly membership so as not to pay the $7.00 fee each time I go. I do not think I could get bored at this place...if you are a true history buff, this place is AWESOME!
We were there from noon till about 2pm, then we went for a short hunt before dark. One of the guys we had with us is new to hunting, but he has a pretty nice machine in the Teknetics Omega 8000...A little different than what I am used to, but a very capable detector.  I gave him a few tips, then set him off using my LESCHE and my backup Teknetics Pinpointer.  He was doing fairly good at cutting plugs and filling his holes.  We did not find much, and I should have realized how frustrating it can be for a new hunter being in a trash riddled park...Next time we go out, I will take him to a cleaner hunting ground.

Stay Warm and Happy Hunting,

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

On this Episode of BUFFY the BLING Slayer...

Temps were a bit nippley, and the ground is still muddy, but I just had to get out and test out the NEL Tornado coil on the E-Trac...I LOVE this coil...It hunts Deeeep, and the pinpointing is much easier than I expected with a larger coil...Well, my first target was the 1930 BUFFY (if them idiots on Diggers can make up words...So can After that, she just slayed the bling with a 10K plated Mothers Ring (It has 2 girls names engraved in it...One on either side of the hearts) with Birthstones, and a .925 ring (small). The golden band is pretty bent out of shape, but I am sure a jeweler can fix it. I would like to get this one back to it's owner if I can figure out which Mother in the area has children with the right names and birth months. I would say it has been lost for at least 5 years, as it was 5 inches deep. The 10K rang up as 12-42, and I thought I was gonna dig a Wheat or a dime...I was shocked...The .925 was only at 3 inches, but it too is bent out of shape. I need a Ring Mandrel and the knowledge to use I also dug the 2 wheats fairly near each other at about 6 inches. The oldest clad coin was 1963 Nickel.



Saturday, January 12, 2013

First Hunt of 2013 Scores 2 Silvers!

It has been in the 40s all week, and today it got into the 50s. After some rain the last 2 days, the snow was almost completely melted at a park we had hit once last year and pulled about 8 Silvers. Today I managed 2 more.
a 1903 O Barber Dime in EF condition, and a 1953 Rosie also in great shape. Also found was a 1956 Wheatie. $1.06 in countable clad was also found. it was a muddy mess, but well worth it. The new Sampson ball handle shovel came in real handy today. All was found with the stock coil. Did not feel like testing the new to me 6" or the N.E.L...Too much mud.

A GREAT start to 2013...

Happy Hunting,

Sunday, January 6, 2013

My New Pocket Loupe

Got this for FREE from Tesoro Del Alma Inc. just for liking their Facebook page...If you missed it, you are too late, but check them out as rumor has it there will be more freebies to come. I have been needing one of these in the field for a while...Nice unit.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Well, we all survived the end of the World in 2012...Won't it be great to tell your Grandchildren how many times you survived the Apocolypse???
The end of 2012 was great for me and the E-Trac...In 2 short months, I tripled my 2011 Silver Finds.
2013 Goals are:

2000+ clad count
50+ Silver Coins
10 Gold of any Kind
Seated of any kind
V nickel
Large Cent
Start knocking on Doors

I know they are out there...

Happy New Year and Happy Hunting,