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Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Target Rich Environment

I started Saturday wanting to take a bus into a village about 2 hops over, but the Bus company had cut weekends trips out there to just one bus in and one bus out, so that was out of the questiion...You do realize that this meant war! Well, I got off the bus just about 2.5 miles from my original destination in a School Yard that I had hunted before in the winter months, but never found much...Well today was different!  As I dug up coin after coin, my mind wandered off into dream land, and I started whistling "Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder"...Suddenly, I was climbiming into the cockpit of my F-1965 and taking to the skies to guard a group of angry B-.25s...They were headed straight for the RTC to take out a few Buses, but I think the RTC had been alerted...Suddenly the skies were filled with Fighters from "COIN" (The RTCs Air Force)...I called for 2 squadrons of F-.05s to take care of them and cover our approach to the RTC...We had to Notch out the Heavy Iron on the ground, so we called in a few squadrons of A-.10s to take them out with their Hellfire Missiles...The ground lit up like the Fourth of July and allowed the B-.25s to hit their targets...Bus parts were flying everywhere, and a grin came to my face as I escorted the Bombers home...Mission accomplished and back to the real world...No Silver today, but was not expecting it at this newer school...

All found with the Fisher CZ 7a Pro and 8" coil...I am really enjoying this old gal!


Friday, September 28, 2012

Went over 1000 coins dug for the year

Dollars        - 0
Halves        - 1
Quarters     - 237
Dimes         - 273
Nickels       - 167
Pennies       - 375

1053 Coins for $99.15

Now I just got to break the $100 mark

Happy Hunting,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vetavitavegemins ???

I knew my day would be a good one, because I ate my wheaties...1919, 42x2, 52, 52D

 This led to a slight increase in my Silver intake, which is always a good thing...1943 Merc

My Doctor also told me to get Plenty of Copper, but not too much Zinc...

Wheats and Merc were 8-9 inches deep and all was found with the Fisher CZ 7a Pro and 8" coil...


Friday, September 21, 2012

Another Silver Scored with the Fisher CZ 7a Pro

Went to a park Thursday Afternoon that did not produce much when I hit it last year with the AT Pro.  I went over the same area with the Fisher CZ 7a Pro, and got some stuff I missed, including a 1958 Silver Rosie, and a 1958D Wheat. Came out with $1.51 in countable clad.  This for a 2 1/2 hour hunt...I took the bus into Camillus for this hunt...Spent more time waiting and on the bus than I did hunting though. Left at 2pm, got home at 8:30pm...


Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012 Clad Totals to Date

This does NOT include crusty zincs, Silver Coins, Foreign Coins, Buffalos, Indian Heads, or Wheaties
This is PURE Clad

Dollar Coins - 0
Halves         - 1
Quarters      - 222
Dimes         - 246
Nickels       - 152
Pennies       - 338

959 Coins for $91.58

Happy Hunting,

A Cool Sunday Afternoon Hunt

  Went back to a new section of an old field I have hit many times over the years...I had always been hesitant of hunting this area, as it is almost directly in from of the village court house. A friend of mine hit it one weekend and no one bugged him, so I thought...What the heck...It is loaded with clad, but I did manage a few goodies...A FULL HORN 1913 Type 2 Buffalo Nickel and a 1928 Wheat...Found $2.06 in clad for 2 hours of hunting.

All were found with the Fisher CZ 7a Pro and 8" coil.

Happy Hunting,

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bag Seal

I found the lead bag says:
CA/89 on one side and ?HNYC RR on the other...I am no railroad buff, but I think that is the (Something) Hudson-New York City Rail Road...have no idea which branch though. Wonder what it was doing in a park up in Marcellus, NY where no tracks are near?
Sorry No Picture, as it is too cruddy to read on the scanner.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Met up with 2 new hunters from my area...I took them to a little village about 20 minutes from me, where I had heard that Silvers had been found in the past, but when I got to the sites, I was disappointed...The First place was a schoolyard, but the ground was nothing but heavy fill dirt, loaded with rocks and the digging was impossible. We moved to a local park in the same village, and the digging was much better, but there were 2 parties going on in the park and we were limited on the areas we could hunt...Did not manage any Silver, but we all found a little clad, a lot of junk, and I found what I think is an old Railroad lock...I also found a lead bag seal, but I somehow lost it...Musta been pulled out of my pouch when I pulled out my drink, or my snacks. Oldest coin was a 1939 nickel that was actually just under the grass roots, and looks like it was not buried long. The rest of the coins were all dug at from 6-8 inches deep with my Garrett GTI 2500 and 9.5" coil. The 2 shiny quarters were surface finds. The pottery (crockery) shard was one of many that I was finding at the schoolyard, so I wonder what was once there???



Tuesday, September 4, 2012

State Fair and Back Pain

Well, about 2 weeks ago, I decided I was going to walk 2.5 miles instead of waiting for a bus...I compressed a disk in my lower back and have been in pain ever since...It is getting better, but my back is still tight, and I think the reason is the fact that my right leg is shorter than my left, and throws my hips out of alignment when I walk.
The back did loosen up enough to allow me to attend the State Fair for the last 3 days...I saw the CDB (Charlie Daniel's Band) on the last day, and what a great show!...For a 76 year old man who started his career in 1958, He can still put on one hell of a show!
I should be back out detecting later this week, or this weekend...Wish me good luck and good health...
As some of you may know, I asked to be removed from the findmall forums...I am very opinionated against Minelab, and make no qualms about telling others that I think their products are overpriced eye candy...I would rather buy AMERICAN, and save my money...Nothing my Fisher cannot find that a Minelab can.
Remember...ALL detectors are meant to find metals...The ONLY difference is in frequencies, coil design, filter design and power consumption. Why do you need a GPS or color screen, or all that other Jazz to find a coin? Save your coins, and find more coins...

Happy Hunting,