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Monday, October 29, 2012

Back to the Hill on Seseme

Seseme Street detecting is brought to you today by the letters C, S, T, and Z...And the numbers 9, 2, and 5...
Went back with my friend again to the hill I found the Indian Head on...We were out in the woods at about 8am and hunted until 3pm...Targets are just all over these woods...The CTX 3030 won out again, as my friend found 2 Standing Liberty Quarters and 1 Walking Liberty Half...This makes about 28 silver coins total pulled from this site in 2 weeks...It is unfricken real!...If I was not with him and watching him dig the targets, I would NEVER believe it...I managed a 1941 merc, a Sterling Thimble, and a Sterling ring with a pretty purple gem (unknown), 3 Wheats 1941, 46, 51S...Found a bunch of clad, a 8 year old boys good luck charm, a small bell (probably a cat bell), a large lump of coal, and a bunch of letters (scattered all over the woods)...I believe there were houses around this woods that were bulldozed up into the woods during the 50s and 60s maybe and had coins in the walls, floors, etc...We will continue to hit this area and only the 2 of us will know it's exact location for now.
I was kind of upset that my 5x10DD coil on the GTI 2500 could not pick up a Silver Half Dollar at 6 inches in the ground...I will be buying my buddies used eTrac...

Friday, October 26, 2012

There Be Injuns on That There Hill

Started off the day with a friend in a stretch of woods across a creek near me...Did not find anything of interest here after about 2 hours, and gave up...Moved on to a park from the 1800s that is now just a wooded area with a bunch of steps...Slope was about 40 degrees up about 125 yards...It was a workout for sure just trying to NOT tumble down the Friend found 5 Silvers with his CTX 3030...I was only able to come up with 1 Indian Head Cent (1907), and 1 Wheat Cent (1953D)...Most of my targets were copper cents unfortunately.  The Indian was at 6 inches.
The ticks are still active out there...I found one on my shirt when I got home...I left my clothes out in my hallway after that...I showered and used lots of soap...I hate them critters!

Happy Hunting,

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Clad totals as of Oct 18, 2012

Dollars - 0
Halves - 1
Quarters - 262
Dimes - 313
Nickels - 189
Pennies - 428

1193 Coins


Happy Hunting,

First real Hunt with the GTI 2500 Since its return

Just got the GTI back last Friday...Sent it in to be tuned up and to get the new black 9.5 coil.
Took it out to my pounded out ball fields for about an hour and still able to pull a few keepers out.
Started with the new 9.5" black spider it...Then switched to the 5x10DD...LOVE it...
It is getting really hard to find anything in this field, but every now and again when the soil is right, I pull a few keepers.
It was a 1913 Wheat and a 10K GL part of a cross...base metal is cheap pot metal.  I am guessing on the 10K GL...
Gold looks real...real thin...Has that dipped look to it.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ring in another Silver

A Friend and I strarted the day looking for some foundations in the woods about a quarter mile off the road. We found what we think was either an old house, or some industrial building...There were your common household items...Washer, Dryer, Stove, TVs...There were old cars that were stripped or torn to pieces...There were a LOT of old Genesee Beer cans and assorted bottles (all seamed). There was just too much trash and the ground was too soggy to hunt, so we moved on. We end up at a park on the river today...enjoyed the Ducks and Geese...the ground is highly mineralized here, and I had the GB knob set at 7 on the CZ 7a PRO.  targets were spaced out all over the park...Most were between 4 and 6 inches deep.  I decided to hunt a fence line along the edge of the park that had gates opening up into the park...I figured folks walked into and out of the park here, and money just had to be dropped.  I found the 3 wheats in the same area, then got a loud coin hit at 8 inches...dug the 1942 Merc...Most of the day was just a bunch of clad, with mostly dimes being dug...I was digging the zincs in hopes of a silver ring, but found out that the ring rang up as a coins signal also (top of the scale), so I later notched out the stinkin' zincolns. Searched around the bases of a cluster of trees near a tot lot and pulled the .925 ring form 4 inches.  It is missing it's stone, but it has a very interesting design...may have to have a new stone put in this one...Clad total for the day was $2.21 for about 3 hours of hunting...Down by the water was a lot of iron ore, so hunting was nearly impossible for me there.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day Hunt

I LOVE being nickel and dimed...The only better thing is being drawn and quartered (drawn on the cover of a magazine for digging 100 quarters in a ring is fake gumball machine type, and the butterfly is still under investigation, but also believed to be cheap jewelry...The heart is stainless from a pair of Sketchers sneakers...The cross is also cheap, neither gold nor silver.  I also found 4 Wheats, but they are in olive oil soaking, as they are so green, I cannot get dates off them.

Again found with CZ 7a Pro and 8" coil mostly...about a quarter of this was found with the 5" coil.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Saturday 10-06-12 Hunt with Fisher CZ 7a Pro and 8" coil

The air is getting chilly up here in Central NY....The temp as I type this at 12:40am is 47 degrees F.  It was not a great day of hunting, but not a bad day either...I met up with a buddy and we hunted the same park I pulled a 1947 Merc out of 2 weeks ago.  No such luck today...only one 1957 Wheat, and plenty of clad.  Other older coins were 1963, 64x2 Cents, 1967 Quarterx2, 1965, 66, and 68 Dimes, 1971 Nickel...The rain came overnight and into the was a light drizzle most of the night. The ground was moist, but not too muddy. Clad total was $3.58...Also found a Disney Enchanted Kingdom rolled penny, and a Rabies Vaccination tag. Also went over $100 for the year...If the Summer was not so hot, might be over $200 by now...