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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Your Bringin' on the Bling Bling

Hit a School in Liverpool today and had my best day ever for bling...Mostly fake, but a few Sterlings, and even one with some CZs, but it is stamped CHINA, so I am not trusting it too much....The cross is .925 and CZ. The thin chain that went with it is also Sterling...chain has a not that I would never be able to get out without a microscope...The turtle and key are pewter, and the rest is junk..the gold and silver colored ring is tin, and the other is copper...the thick chain is unmarked and fake I think...I think it was for those baubles that you can buy and string on earings, bracelets and chains like this one...found $8.11 in clad. One nickel is a 1964 (NOT Silver)...Also found a 1956 Wheat, 1965, 66, and 2x67 Quarters.
I put the snap and piece of clasp in just to show how small of items the 4.5 Super Sniper and 5x8 DD can find...

Happy Hunting,

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