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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Saturday Hunt nets Silver and the Fuzz

We were hunting a Private school yard that has history back to the 1850s. My one friend found a Silver Washington quarter and then a 1909 Barber Quarter as digs 1 and 2 (lucky dog)...I managed 2 Silver rings, a 1930 Wheatie, and a little clad before some woman approaches us claiming to be one of the school's administrators and telling us we must leave. Well, not seeing her children in her mini-van, I copped an attitude with her, asking her for her name and ID (which she would not produce). Next thing I know the town fuzz is there and we had to pack it up.  We talked to a gentleman who proved he was an employee of the school, and we gave him the description of the woman. He claims he knows no one matching that description in administration. Seeing as it cost parents about $15k a year to send their kids to this school, I can see the woman's beef about us being there, but we did get permission from this gentleman earlier. I am going to email him later and see what he can do to get us permission or not from the head administrator...We shall see.  We moved on to another school about a 1/4 mile up the road. Nothing but clad and the button here...Oldest clad coin was a 1954 nickel and a 1965 Quarter (I hate them)...

Happy Hunting,

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