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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Long Bike ride and 3 hours Detecting

Packed the e-Trac on my back, along with batteries, radios, pro and 6" coils, kneepads, rags, and other needed items. Put my belt with pouches, pro-pointer, and diggers around my waist. I hopped onto my 21 speed Mountain Bike, and off I went like a crazy person headed for a local County park...The ride there was like 12 miles....I hunted for 3 hours and found 1 1945 Merc, 1936, 44, 50, 57 Wheats, and 1946, 61, 63 and 69 Nickels, then made the trip home which was about another 13 miles (Went all the way around Onondaga Lake)....By the time I got home, my butt was bruised, my legs and back were sore, and I was beat....I am WAY out of shape (unless round counts)...Lots of folks and their pets in the park on Memorial Day.  A Big Thank YOU to all Veterans!

Happy Hunting and Remember the SunScreen,

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