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Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Target Rich Environment

Went to another Syracuse area park Saturday with a bit of history. Quite a few Silvers have been found here, but not so much today. Mostly clad, but I did get a few goodies. Also on Friday my friend K and I hit an old mill site out West of me. It was there that I found the Flat button back-marked "Rich Orange Standard Guilt" I believe this is a common Early 1800s Civillian button.
Saturdays finds produced most of the clad (about 95% of it). I also found a Tex-A-Toy 10 cent play coin from 1954, a 1920 (I think) Buffalo Nickel, a 1937 Buffalo Nickel, a 1942 War (35% Silver) Nickel, and 1925, 30, 38, 39, 40 and 42 Wheat Cents. Found $7.25 in clad...Look at all them Quarters!

Happy Hunting and Stay Warm...

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