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Sunday, April 26, 2015

No Mo Monkey Bidness

My friend Keven was playing this old Chuck Barry song on the radio and it stuck in my head all dang day...We headed out of town and into the sticks, but found all the woods out there POSTED...For the love of Pete folks...I know that some of them woods are public property! We ended up back just outside the city in a park we have hit a number of times before...We were joking that if we stopped finding silver that all we needed to do was pack everything back in the car, drive down the road a bit and come back in 10 minutes and we would find more. Seems like at least 2 pop out every time we have been there. I found 4 silvers today. A 1948 Washington Quarter, 1926 and 1941 Mercury Dimes, a 1949 Silver Canadian Dime, and a no date Buffalo nickel. Also found $1.91 in clad.

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