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Sunday, March 4, 2012

I must be absolutely nuts!!!

The temperature was 31 degrees...The winds were mild, and out the door we went to a park with history back to the Revolutionary War...Troops had marched thru this area, and a grist mill was located on the creek there at one time...There just had to be good finds there right??  WRONG!!!  The place was a trashpit...LOADED with pull tabs, screw caps, cans, foil, and every other junk target you can imagine...This is what happens when historic sites are turned into picnic groves and city parks...I did manage a 1938 wheat, and some clad before the snow started to fly...It was a near whiteout for about an hour...The ground became a Bloody Muddy Mess, as well as the detector, my gloves, and anything I touched...I sure am glad I had the AT Pro...I brought the detector home and through it in the tub and hit it with the sprayer to clean it off...I had to wash everything I used...It was caked in mud...Well, I guess it was better than a day of work...We were out for about 3 hours, and this is all I found...


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