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Monday, March 12, 2012

Trying out my new coils

I started out with the 5x8 DD on the AT Pro today, and I think I am in LOVE!!  I thought the 8.5x11 was the shiz, but the little brother is the Bomb....He was raking coin after coin out of areas I have pounded with other machines...I was back in my athletic field I have hunted since 2005...Just when you think it is empty...SURPRISE!!!...I must have raked in 2 bucks in clad in an hour...not bad for a place that is supposed to be hunted out...I then switched to the 9x12 Concentric...This thing is a bear to swing...I thought the AT Pro was front heavy before...Let me tell ya man, you ain't seen heavy till you throw this monster on the rod....I could only handle about an hour with it, then my arm was cramping....I raked in another buck or so with it...I never imagined a clad dime sinking to 9 inches....I then switched to the 4.5 sniper...What a little gem of a coil...right up to metal poles, and right under metal fences...It was the ONLY coil I could turn the SENS up all the way and it stayed quiet...I was hitting 6 inch dimes with it easily...I could not get in the tot lot today, as the kiddies took it over from me...I was stuck to the open fields...It was a great sunny 62 at 1:30pm EDT in Central NY...I actually got sunburn on the back of my neck...
I did manage a 1956 Wheat, a few Canadian coins, 2 1966 Dimes and a 1966 Quarter as well...I also found a small junk toe ring...I think the electronic device is the switch for the lights in sneakers, according to the patent numbers....


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