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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Old paths turn up 3 Wheats

Hit a park today that has been around since 1886...The last extension of the area was done in 1890. The area is loaded with cans and can slaw, foil wrappers, and the usual bottle tops and pull tabs...The old cobblestones can still be found just under the grass roots in spots. The only way you know they are there is if your walking on them, the ground feels harder,and you can see a slight depression in the area.  I pulled 3 Wheaties from one path, and about 2 pounds of junk...No other coins were found here...Nearby power lines and underground telephone lines were giving me fits, so I could only turn up the Sens about half way on the AT Pro. I was hunting with the stock 8.5x11 DD coil in Pro Zero, Zero Iron Disc, with Iron Audio ON. I no longer dig the screw caps, as I can tell them very clearly in this configuration...They read between 78 and 82 and give this distinct warble sound, as where zinc pennies are cleaner sounding, and copper pennies are very clean sounding.
As I found no other coins or jewelry on this path, I headed for outfield on the hardball diamond...All I found here was clad, a key, a newer buckle (Did not smell of, and the face of an old pocket watch I think.  The weather was hot and humid, but a nice breeze made it tolerable for 2 hours of hunting.
Wheats are dated 1934, 1947, and 1951 (all with no mint marks) between 4-6 inches deep. Oldest other coin was a 1967 dime.

Happy Hunting and Stay Hydrated out there!

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