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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Iron Infested Park Hunt

Got out Monday Afternoon and hunted a park that I knew was infested with Iron and Copper (plumbing pipe and fittings) trash.  The E-Trac did well on the iron, but some of the copper trash still fooled me.
Got one 1952 Wheat, and a little more clad for the collection...When I started digging the dog tags, I was afraid I might find the whole tag is my birth year...1965...Weather was so warm, I had to shed my jacket.  I hope it keeps up like this right to Christmas day...
Again missed the Silver Quarter by one year...Darn 1965s!!!
The small rivet cover was found in a tot lot and thrown in just to show how small of an item will give a good signal on the E-Trac.
I think the item with the toothed gear is part of an old electric can opener???

Happy Hunting,

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