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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Scratch One Off The List

Went back to the trashy park that is rumored to be the old village dump...I was not finding much but clad and junk, then...that sweet clear high pitched 11-47 ping of SILVER rang in my headphones...Dug down only about 5 inches, and out pops a no date (1920D to the best my eyes can tell) Standing Liberty Quarter...This is the first of these I have dug since I started detecting in 2005...I rescanned the hole and got another 11-45 silver ping about 3 inches from where I found the SLQ...Dug down about 5 inches again, and I find a 1963D Rosie...I am now crawling slowly over this area and get 4 more 12-41 to 12-43 signals...All 1960s Memorials...All these coins were within a 1x1 foot square area...I was doing the happy dance for about 10 cannot believe this weather...I hope it holds out at least till Christmas day.
I thought the bicycle plate was cool...The other item I think is an old brass door knob plate.


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