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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday at the Onondaga Historical Society Research Room

Well, I tried to get the whole gang together for some research, but only 3 showed up...We had a great time looking at old pictures of sites, reading old news articles, and looking at maps...The place has so much to offer...I might get a yearly membership so as not to pay the $7.00 fee each time I go. I do not think I could get bored at this place...if you are a true history buff, this place is AWESOME!
We were there from noon till about 2pm, then we went for a short hunt before dark. One of the guys we had with us is new to hunting, but he has a pretty nice machine in the Teknetics Omega 8000...A little different than what I am used to, but a very capable detector.  I gave him a few tips, then set him off using my LESCHE and my backup Teknetics Pinpointer.  He was doing fairly good at cutting plugs and filling his holes.  We did not find much, and I should have realized how frustrating it can be for a new hunter being in a trash riddled park...Next time we go out, I will take him to a cleaner hunting ground.

Stay Warm and Happy Hunting,

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  1. Hello Robert, I'm a retired Plt Sgt, a cancer survivor in need of exercise. I have MD'd around the world but haven't done much since I lost my wife(met her in 1976) in 2004 and I'm just starting to get out. Please let me know of your next meeting, I'll be there! I am just starting to get MD equip after years of Medical expenses. I've got a new Fisher F1 and pin-pointer also a Winbest (Barska) Master. I hope to get a Garrett AT Pro soon. My email is phone 315-729-2396, I live in The Jamesville area near the beach. hope to hear from you. Dan Sheggrud "Cosmo"