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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It all makes Perfect Cents

Started the day off with a Friend in a park that proved to be devoid of anything but junk...Moved on to a second park, but most of the targets were pennies. Now we did dig a bunch of 1930s-1940s Wheat Cents, and a bunch of Copper Cents. Quarters and Dimes were far and in-between...I did manage 4 nickels in the 100x30 Yard section we hunted. My conclusion is that someone(s) been here before and cherry picked just the higher conductors (dimes, quarters, halves, dollars, Silver). My friend did manage 1 1950 Washington Quarter. This was the only Silver for the day. I found what I believe to be a 10K gold dipped/plated religious medallion with chain. This had me going for a few minutes until I saw the plating wore off the back and saw the silver metal underneath. I managed the medallion/chain, 1946, 52Dx2, 55, and 58 Wheats. Oldest clads were 1953 Nickel, 1965 and 67 Dimes, as well as 1961, 62, 64, 65, and 68 Cents.


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