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Monday, April 22, 2013

On your Mark...

 Get Set...Go Detecting!  Sunday April 21...I got a strange 12-31 signal that stayed put and was a solid repeatable signal...thought I might have an Injun, but out pops a copro-bronze 5 Deutche Mark coin from 1983 Minted in Frankfurt, Germany. Back when I was in the service in 1986-1990, that would have been worth about $12.00...I also found 1938, 46, 51, and 56D Wheat Cents...and 1964, 65 Nickels. Not a bad hunt for 2 hours...My elbow has been bugging me when detecting for the past month or so...Might be getting arthritis...Hope it gets better, because I can not do ANYTHING with my left arm...I need this right arm to swing and dig. If it keeps getting sore, I may have to give up the detecting, or start using my shovel and a swingy thingy.

Happy Hunting,

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