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Friday, October 21, 2011

AT Pro Takes a Bite Out Of Crime

I went out with the intention of hunting a school yard lot, but 15 minutes into my hunt I was approached by an older gentleman whom I had seen before at another park down the road from where I was...He asked if I might be able to locate brass with the detector and I told him "You Bet...I can find most any metal". Well, He goes on to explain that a drug deal went bad in the other park by where he lives and that one young guy pulled a pistol and started shooting at the guy in the car who was buying...The specifics were none of my concern though...At first I was all in on this, because I am all for locking up ignorant Morons who would fire a weapon in city limits while standing in a kiddie park selling dope...But then my common sense kicked in, and I decided to call 911 to have a squad car on hand while I searched for the spent brass...A car arrived, and I explained what I was up to and told the Officer that The shooting happened in late May, and by now this brass might be 2-4 inches deep with all the rain and foot traffic in the area...I got to detecting and got a shallow 2" 52 VDI...I dug up a spent .22 cal round...I scanned it a few more times to get a feel for the VDI range, then concentrated on just that range...I got conflicting stories from 8 different witnesses to the shooting...5 out of 8 claimed only 4 shots were fired. I found all 4 rounds and turned them over to the Police Officer...He thanked me and the guy who originally approached me, and I told him that if he ever needed an experienced hunter in the future to find any lost metal item, to not hesitate to give me a call...Hopefully they can catch this scumbag and put him away for at least the mandatory 7 years...I was reading where they passed a law that if you commit a shooting crime around a school, playground, or any other area children gather, or if your caught dealing drugs to minors, that it is at least 7 years WITHOUT parole or early release....'BOUT TIME!!!

Oh!!! My measly finds for 15 minutes of hunting...Took 2 hours to find all 4 shells though.


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  1. Now that's doing our part for the common good! Excellent. You may get to hunt a yard or two with this kind of reputation. Keep it up!