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Sunday, October 23, 2011

2 Hour Hunt in a Pounded School Yard

Went out Saturday Afternoon to a school I have pounded with the other machines I have owned...Was totally surprised at the number of nickels I left behind...The AT Pro is a nickel hound...The ring WAS a gold plated Claddagh ring (copper base) rang in at 85-87 VDI (thought it was a quarter)...The peace thing and the circle next to it, are parts of another ring I think, or a shirt cuff button perhaps...I am still amazed at just what the AT Pro can pull out from among a ton of pulltabs and screwcaps...School Carnivals were held in this field in years past...Trash shown is actual trash dug in 2 hours...not much huh??? I dig some trash signals just to get a feel for the field...
I also received my Pro Pointer today..LOVE IT!!!!...But my headphone adapter was DOA and has to go back to Kellyco for an exchange on Monday...Too bad...was looking forward to using my wireless headphones again...
BTW..with only 2 pins on the Headphone jack, is the AT Pro audio Stereo or Mono???


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