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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Whoop!!! A Double Header!!!

Well, a Friend and I started the Saturday off at about noon, and decided to do this strip of grass between 2 streets...Well, let me tell ya it was a total trash pit with soda cans, pull tabs, screw caps, iron, and general metal trash...Did pull a few clad coins from here...Well, when we got through with that, we ended up at a school that was built in 1918...The lot next to it has history before this time (back to mid 1800s). A house once stood in the lot and was tore down in the mid 1900s after catching fire...There is a lot of iron trash, pull tabs and screw caps, and can slaw from carnivals this school has held over the years to raise money, but the AT Pro sifts through it well (If you do not mind listening to endless chatter in your ears in Pro modes)...I have hit this field many times with my past detectors, and know I walked right over the Indian Head cent countless times and NEVER dug it because it came up as a high end pull tab reading (VDI 62-65)...It was at 5 inches...The Washington Silver Quarter (VDI Solid 91) was at 6 inches about 10 feet away from the Injun...This find would have eluded most detectors, because it was surrounded by pull tabs...The AT Pro just happened to pull it out...
Finished at about 6pm.

1859 Indian Head Variety 1 (No Shield) (Red book $15)...1945 Washington Silver Quarter (Red book $4.00)

1960 and 1963 Nickels, 1964 Copper cent, 1968 Dime (oldest coins)

Interesting Items (coin looking thing is a "Glad Your Here 2000" Token...All I can get off it) Anyone know what that big circle item is?


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  1. Cool! I did not even know that the early indians had no shield on the reverse. All three of mine are from the turn of the century.
    No idea on the big ring with the holes.