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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First Hunt with the GTI 2500

Had a great hunt with the 2500 on Saturday Afternoon...It was a hot one, but I braved 2 hours to hunt a field I have hit many times with the old QXT Pro and the AT Pro...I was surprised at how deep the GTI 2500 found coins...The ground was like concrete and I was digging 6-8 inches and finding clad.
One hole was very wierd..I found 6 wheats and a copper button on top of a square nail...Signal rang like a dime because of all the targets...I got to 8 inches with the opening of my hole only being 3 inches across, and I gave up...The ground was just too hard...I pulled the 6 coins, the button, and the nail, and called it quits and filled in the hole and marked it with a large rock...Hopefully I can go back and find more coins in the hole after it rains some...Here is my take for the maiden hunt...

Happy Huntingand stay Hydrated out there,

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