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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Went out Friday Evening for a 2 hour hunt in a local park I have pounded over the past 3 years...It is a lot next to an elementary school, that gets used by the school, and also local kids, so it is constantly being filled with lost coins.  Every now and again I get surprised with a Wheat, or a silver...I even found an 1800s Indian head in here...No Silver or Injuns today...I did manage one 1943 (I think) wheat, and 2 whole sets of earrings (one missing the hook)...The large bangle is copper with fake stones all the way around.  Have no idea what the LOT 29 thing is???  A Bag seal??? The ground is returning to normal as long as we keep getting rain.
All items found with the Garrett GTI 2500 and white 9.5" Imaging and the 5x10DD coils.


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