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Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday Hunt in the HEAT

Well, it poured rain here in Saturday, so when the sun was shining on Sunday, I just had to get out and do some 'tectin' with the GTI 2500... The first inch or 2 was still hard ground, but after that, the ground was moist enough...The temperature was 85, but the humidity was in the 80% range...I sweat my ^&** was out for about 3 hours, but ony about 1 hour was spent swinging the coil...the rest was spent toweling off and drinking juice in the shade...I only managed 89 cents in countable clad (I do not count foreign coins or chewed up zincs)...Burnet Park in Syracuse, NY has been pounded by probably everyone who has owned a detector in the area...Oldest coins found were 1966 and 1967...And they were at about 6" deep. Some guy came along, opened up his trunk, pulled out one of those catch and release type cage traps, opened it, and supposedly let something go...I did not see anything scurry off though...Did I just miss it, or did this guy just miss the train that delivered brains??? Guess I will never


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