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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fisher CZ 7a Pro Finally Arrives

Well, after a short delay, the Fisher finally arrived.  I knew it would not be pristine, seeing as it was manufactured in 2000. The first thing I did was to open up the box and inspect the electronics...All looked good with the boards...In Fact, they look as if they may have been replaced recently.  Sand had made it's way inside the box somehow, and also. the silicon which seals the box had begun to dry out and peel...Some had gotten in between the LCD screen and the faceplate.  I cleaned it all out, and re-sealed the box with new silicon sealer...I cleaned the outside of the box, the rods, and coated all brass and iron pieces with Anti-Oxidant coating to prevent any further corrosion. I then took some fine emmery cloth to the lower rod and made it "white" again...This took out the scratches and marring on the rod...I also took the coil cover off the 8" coil and it was full of black colored sand...No wonder the machine was giving false signals on my air tests)...Detector looks good now, and works flawlessly as far as I can tell...I will post my first finds as soon as it cools off enough to get out and hunt.


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