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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What Bling??? - Monday Afternoon

Well, it was cooler today than it has been in weeks...Temp was 78, but humidity was still high...It had rained for about 15 minutes Sunday, but the ground sucked it right up, and then went dry again...First inch of ground was like concrete, then after that, it is powder...Hard to dig 8" and 10" targets...I went back to the field where I found the mercs last week with the CZ 7a Pro, but no such luck today.  Was digging mostly clad and junk...I was hoping for deep silver, or maybe a ring surprise...Well, I got a surprise alright...The ring is FAKE, but that stone had me going at does matter! I found one wheat (1940), a 1941 nickel, and 1961, 62D, and 66 lincolns.  This is in a field that I have hunted with about 8 different machines over the last 7 years....Clad count came to 19 countable coins (I do not count Silver, Wheats, Foreign, or chewed Zinc coins) for $2.25...

 Some folks ask how much trash I dig in search of rings...

Is that enough for ya?

Happy Huntin'!

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