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Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Target Rich Environment

I started Saturday wanting to take a bus into a village about 2 hops over, but the Bus company had cut weekends trips out there to just one bus in and one bus out, so that was out of the questiion...You do realize that this meant war! Well, I got off the bus just about 2.5 miles from my original destination in a School Yard that I had hunted before in the winter months, but never found much...Well today was different!  As I dug up coin after coin, my mind wandered off into dream land, and I started whistling "Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder"...Suddenly, I was climbiming into the cockpit of my F-1965 and taking to the skies to guard a group of angry B-.25s...They were headed straight for the RTC to take out a few Buses, but I think the RTC had been alerted...Suddenly the skies were filled with Fighters from "COIN" (The RTCs Air Force)...I called for 2 squadrons of F-.05s to take care of them and cover our approach to the RTC...We had to Notch out the Heavy Iron on the ground, so we called in a few squadrons of A-.10s to take them out with their Hellfire Missiles...The ground lit up like the Fourth of July and allowed the B-.25s to hit their targets...Bus parts were flying everywhere, and a grin came to my face as I escorted the Bombers home...Mission accomplished and back to the real world...No Silver today, but was not expecting it at this newer school...

All found with the Fisher CZ 7a Pro and 8" coil...I am really enjoying this old gal!


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