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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Met up with 2 new hunters from my area...I took them to a little village about 20 minutes from me, where I had heard that Silvers had been found in the past, but when I got to the sites, I was disappointed...The First place was a schoolyard, but the ground was nothing but heavy fill dirt, loaded with rocks and the digging was impossible. We moved to a local park in the same village, and the digging was much better, but there were 2 parties going on in the park and we were limited on the areas we could hunt...Did not manage any Silver, but we all found a little clad, a lot of junk, and I found what I think is an old Railroad lock...I also found a lead bag seal, but I somehow lost it...Musta been pulled out of my pouch when I pulled out my drink, or my snacks. Oldest coin was a 1939 nickel that was actually just under the grass roots, and looks like it was not buried long. The rest of the coins were all dug at from 6-8 inches deep with my Garrett GTI 2500 and 9.5" coil. The 2 shiny quarters were surface finds. The pottery (crockery) shard was one of many that I was finding at the schoolyard, so I wonder what was once there???



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