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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

State Fair and Back Pain

Well, about 2 weeks ago, I decided I was going to walk 2.5 miles instead of waiting for a bus...I compressed a disk in my lower back and have been in pain ever since...It is getting better, but my back is still tight, and I think the reason is the fact that my right leg is shorter than my left, and throws my hips out of alignment when I walk.
The back did loosen up enough to allow me to attend the State Fair for the last 3 days...I saw the CDB (Charlie Daniel's Band) on the last day, and what a great show!...For a 76 year old man who started his career in 1958, He can still put on one hell of a show!
I should be back out detecting later this week, or this weekend...Wish me good luck and good health...
As some of you may know, I asked to be removed from the findmall forums...I am very opinionated against Minelab, and make no qualms about telling others that I think their products are overpriced eye candy...I would rather buy AMERICAN, and save my money...Nothing my Fisher cannot find that a Minelab can.
Remember...ALL detectors are meant to find metals...The ONLY difference is in frequencies, coil design, filter design and power consumption. Why do you need a GPS or color screen, or all that other Jazz to find a coin? Save your coins, and find more coins...

Happy Hunting,

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