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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Saturday 10-06-12 Hunt with Fisher CZ 7a Pro and 8" coil

The air is getting chilly up here in Central NY....The temp as I type this at 12:40am is 47 degrees F.  It was not a great day of hunting, but not a bad day either...I met up with a buddy and we hunted the same park I pulled a 1947 Merc out of 2 weeks ago.  No such luck today...only one 1957 Wheat, and plenty of clad.  Other older coins were 1963, 64x2 Cents, 1967 Quarterx2, 1965, 66, and 68 Dimes, 1971 Nickel...The rain came overnight and into the was a light drizzle most of the night. The ground was moist, but not too muddy. Clad total was $3.58...Also found a Disney Enchanted Kingdom rolled penny, and a Rabies Vaccination tag. Also went over $100 for the year...If the Summer was not so hot, might be over $200 by now...


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