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Friday, October 26, 2012

There Be Injuns on That There Hill

Started off the day with a friend in a stretch of woods across a creek near me...Did not find anything of interest here after about 2 hours, and gave up...Moved on to a park from the 1800s that is now just a wooded area with a bunch of steps...Slope was about 40 degrees up about 125 yards...It was a workout for sure just trying to NOT tumble down the Friend found 5 Silvers with his CTX 3030...I was only able to come up with 1 Indian Head Cent (1907), and 1 Wheat Cent (1953D)...Most of my targets were copper cents unfortunately.  The Indian was at 6 inches.
The ticks are still active out there...I found one on my shirt when I got home...I left my clothes out in my hallway after that...I showered and used lots of soap...I hate them critters!

Happy Hunting,

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