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Monday, October 29, 2012

Back to the Hill on Seseme

Seseme Street detecting is brought to you today by the letters C, S, T, and Z...And the numbers 9, 2, and 5...
Went back with my friend again to the hill I found the Indian Head on...We were out in the woods at about 8am and hunted until 3pm...Targets are just all over these woods...The CTX 3030 won out again, as my friend found 2 Standing Liberty Quarters and 1 Walking Liberty Half...This makes about 28 silver coins total pulled from this site in 2 weeks...It is unfricken real!...If I was not with him and watching him dig the targets, I would NEVER believe it...I managed a 1941 merc, a Sterling Thimble, and a Sterling ring with a pretty purple gem (unknown), 3 Wheats 1941, 46, 51S...Found a bunch of clad, a 8 year old boys good luck charm, a small bell (probably a cat bell), a large lump of coal, and a bunch of letters (scattered all over the woods)...I believe there were houses around this woods that were bulldozed up into the woods during the 50s and 60s maybe and had coins in the walls, floors, etc...We will continue to hit this area and only the 2 of us will know it's exact location for now.
I was kind of upset that my 5x10DD coil on the GTI 2500 could not pick up a Silver Half Dollar at 6 inches in the ground...I will be buying my buddies used eTrac...

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