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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ring in another Silver

A Friend and I strarted the day looking for some foundations in the woods about a quarter mile off the road. We found what we think was either an old house, or some industrial building...There were your common household items...Washer, Dryer, Stove, TVs...There were old cars that were stripped or torn to pieces...There were a LOT of old Genesee Beer cans and assorted bottles (all seamed). There was just too much trash and the ground was too soggy to hunt, so we moved on. We end up at a park on the river today...enjoyed the Ducks and Geese...the ground is highly mineralized here, and I had the GB knob set at 7 on the CZ 7a PRO.  targets were spaced out all over the park...Most were between 4 and 6 inches deep.  I decided to hunt a fence line along the edge of the park that had gates opening up into the park...I figured folks walked into and out of the park here, and money just had to be dropped.  I found the 3 wheats in the same area, then got a loud coin hit at 8 inches...dug the 1942 Merc...Most of the day was just a bunch of clad, with mostly dimes being dug...I was digging the zincs in hopes of a silver ring, but found out that the ring rang up as a coins signal also (top of the scale), so I later notched out the stinkin' zincolns. Searched around the bases of a cluster of trees near a tot lot and pulled the .925 ring form 4 inches.  It is missing it's stone, but it has a very interesting design...may have to have a new stone put in this one...Clad total for the day was $2.21 for about 3 hours of hunting...Down by the water was a lot of iron ore, so hunting was nearly impossible for me there.


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