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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The End is Nigh!!!

It is that time of year again when the evil white crystals fall from the heavens and the ground grows hard...The detecting season is coming to a quick end my friends...Overall it has been a good year...I switched up detectors 4 times this year...From a Garrett AT Pro to a Garrett GTI 2500 to a Fisher CZ 7a Pro to a Minelab E-TRAC...All were good machines, but I only have the E-TRAC and the CZ now, and the CZ may be going next.  The Summer was brutal with high temperatures and humidity levels, but the mild Fall more than made up for it...I think Winter is going to be a real bear this year though...I will continue to hunt when I can, but I do not trust laying the E-Trac down in the snow so much...Here are my totals for the year...

Gold - Not much to speak of...Some plated chains and that is about it...


 Current Melt Value is aproximately:  $45

Clad count:

Pennies:           540
Nickels:           199
Dimes:             399
Quarters:          320
Halves:                 1
Dollars:                1

Total coins:     1460  for  $136.75

Happy Hunting,

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