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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I hit a large field and 2 tot lots at Stonehenge Elementary School in Camillus, NY today.  I know there is a local hunter who hits this field...I have seen him there before, but when he sees me, he takes off for some reason...I even used my Old Spice in case I saw him today...I did not want to scare him away, he was not there. I found 2 wheats (1941D and 1957), a ring that looks to have been nickel plated copper, inlaid with turquoise...It appears to be hand done...The E-trac sure hits hard on dimes and Copper Pennies...I was impressed that it found the 2 tiny charms in the tot lot bark chips...They are not silver, but still cool.  Again I ask how 9mm bullets get in the bark of a tot lot, unless the tree the chips were made from was hit by a bullet out in the woods?


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