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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The finds on the Hill are getting too few

It is getting hard to find a good signal on the Hill...Kevin has found all the Good Silvers me thinks...Might be a few left, but it is going to be hard work to find them...We have covered just about every square inch of the place and it is getting to be too much like work to find a Silver or even a Wheat...Today Kevin found a few good targets and I found a 1905 IH Cent, a 1959 Rosie, a 1941 Wheat, 2 1946 Wheats, a few clad coins, 2 pocket knives (the large one by Craftsman, and the small one says Boys Life, The Boy Scouts Magazine), a tag from a Yellow Pinocchio Rose Bush (says it was Illegal to Asexually reproduce it without a license...hmmmm...), a cap from when car tires had inner tubes, a key of some sort, and a zipper pull that fooled me into thinking it might be silver because it rang in like a dime and loud at 5 found a bell from an old telephone I think. The gold plated pretzel is what I believe to be a Lover's Knot...Not sure what K, but it IS gold plated copper wire.


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